My name is Tim Warnock; and I specialize in Bitcoin, software architecture, data architecture, hands-on technical leadership, and turning amorphous business requirements into high-quality products.

Areas of Expertise

Resume can be found at

If you need something other than a pdf, please use this Google Docs version (and download the appropriate format).

  • Bitcoin; from advanced custody solutions to transaction processing and mining services
  • Web-applications; front-end to back-end design and development, including highly-scalable sites for high-volume usage
  • Data integration; from real-time geographic sensors to SOX-compliant financial back-ends
  • Data grid and sensor networks; bridging geographically distributed systems and software over a variety of platforms
  • Media and content management; automated metadata extraction and storage across highly-scalable content delivery networks
  • Scalable versioning and release processes; fully automated CI/CD with fast frequent production deployments